Saturday, October 18, 2008

My morning today

So I was able to talk to Shad this morning! He is doing good! Just wished time went by faster so he could come home! And then it sucks that his leave might not be until June and they are suppose to be coming home sometime in Aug. so its like a month-month and a half before he would come home anyways! It is just killing me having to wait that long to see him in the first place! So morning is going good so far. My cat Kosmo is driving me crazy though...she is doing things that she never did when Shad was home. She is jumping up on cabinets that she is not supposed to be on then trying to kill my fish I have. She is taking after her dad and being a brat! I have alot of studying to do for my classes this week! School is alot of work! So I guess I will get to doing that now.

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