Saturday, October 18, 2008

My day today

So today was a okay day! I woke up and got to talk to Shad this morning but then the guy was being rude and kept making him hurry up and get off the phone. ...... I got alot of studying done today! Wanted to get some of it out of the way since I have to go to work tomorrow afternoon and won't really have time to come home and study tomorrow night so I can get in bed to sleep and wake up and go to class Monday. The dogs today were able to chase a cat today outside so that was kind of funny. I don't know where the cat came from and the dogs took off after it before I could do anything. Kosmo has been driving me crazy again today! I think she is doing this just because Shad is gone!! Geesh Shad needs to hurry home to get these animals in control because they don't want to listen to me.

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